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Pixanthropy is a new way to donate to causes you care about that uses images to inspire action.


By sharing Mementos, images that tell the story behind why a donation is made, supporting a non-profit becomes a social experience and a way to explore what causes are important to your friends.

Connect Donors and Non-Profits

No matter the size of a donation, Pixanthropy is committed to helping non-profits connect with donors in a way that they find easy, enjoyable and addictive. We believe this creates a Habit of Giving.

Inspired Sharing

Your donation to a non-profit is important to you. Pixanthropy’s job is to help you share why.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”


How it Works

Support a Micro-Campaign

• Explore Mementos to find what others are supporting
• Contribute to mementos that inspire you
• Get into the Habit of Giving

Start a Micro-Campaign

• Create a Memento for a cause you care about
• Place the Memento on their page with your donation
• Inspire a Habit of Giving in others

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